The H&A HAAMXSLR200 Two Channel Audio Mixer is the portable sound solution for blending signals from two audio sources with XLR inputs for digital filmmakers who produce media on modern DSLRs, camcorders, and digital recorders with a stereo mini (18" / 3.5mm) microphone output. The small device combines two balanced XLR input jacks from sources such as microphones, wireless mic receivers, preamplifiers, or line-level other audio mixers, as well as one mini-jack auxiliary for utilizing the output from smartphones of digital media players. While quite compact, the circuitry is able to perform a number of essential tasks in mastering signal distribution. Audio output is selectable between mono and stereo and mixed by using the stepless trim knob controls. Purity of the wide dynamic range and distortion freedom is assured by the passive circuitry that requires no batteries or power source. The level of mains hum and stray magnetic field interference caused by transformers can be simply be controlled with the two position ground switch. Every eventuality has been considered to create this professional audio accessory for location work. The tough rubberized body frame is right in place in the wild or in the street, giving all image makers the power if a sophisticated mixer right in the field