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Computers are purchased every fiscal year in May and deployed during the summer. Computers have a 4 year rotation.

All depts will provide account number for computer accessories (Monitors, keyboards, mice) - can purchase on own with UGS IT approval

Computers for all except SLC and Launchpad on Dean's account, SLC has specific line item for computers and Launchpad has own accounts

Workflow for computer purchases is as follows:


In the Spring, all computers are assessed by their age. Inventory is checked to make sure eligible machines are okay to purchase and also to prep those going to surplus.
An email will be sent to all Senior management to confirm the list of those getting new computers.

All computers are purchases are done using a central account, except for Sanger (the central account will be used, where afterwards, a funds transfer will be performed).

Computers may take a few weeks for delivery, depending on time of order, backlog from vendor, and/or custom specifications.

Upon receiving, the computers will be set up and configured with all necessary software.

Apple Store for Campus Store : Home

UT - Dell Sales Contact
Carlino, Chelsea  ISR
Bjork, David  Account Executive

New Computer Setup - Mac

New Computer Setup - PC


Those receiving new computers will be contacted and a time will be arranged for switching out computers. Old computers will be assessed and either repurposed or sent to surplus.

ProCard Usage

Pro Card Billing Address
Purchasing Office
The University of Texas at Austin
1616 Guadalupe
UTA, Suite 3.302
Austin, TX 78701

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