The Windows 10 Feature Update process takes 1-3 hours.  It is recommended that YOU INITIATE the process when you have ample time.  If you have not initiated the upgrade when the deadline occurs the system will attempt to upgrade overnight.  The upgrade PRESERVES ALL DATA and PROGRAMS.

To initiate an upgrade please follow the steps below – THIS PROCESS WILL TAKE 1-3 hours.

For off-campus computers

If the computer is off campus, first connect the computer to the UT VPN Service: Connecting to the University of Texas VPN

  1. Open Software Center from the start menu.

  2. Select the section: Updates and then Feature update to Windows 10 ...

  3. Select Install

  4. Confirm the Installation by selection Install

  5. You will see Installing... Timing will depend on your network connection speeds.

  6. Once the update has installed, you will be required to restart.  The restart will also take quite a while and your system may restart several times.  DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS.

  7. When you see the Windows 10 logon screen your system has been upgraded and is ready for use.  NOTE:  The first login will take longer than normal.

If you have any issues, please contact our Service Desk.

Check your Windows 10 version

Search for command:  winver

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