Here are the steps needed to temporarily enable printing for 5 minutes on our Windows Fleet of computers.

First step is to check if the "Enable Printing for 5 minutes" package shows up in software center.

If you do not see it available in software center then you will need to run the first 5 actions in the configuration manager in the control panel. See steps below.

Open the start menu

Type control panel and press enter

Once in the control panel click on "View by:" and change it to "large icons"

Then choose configuration manager

Once the configuration manager is open you will need to select the actions tab

You will then need to run the first 5 actions

For each you will need to click ok on the box that pops up.

After waiting a few minutes you should see this in software center

These are the steps for installing the package:

Click on the package and click install

Now when you install the application as soon as it shows as "Installing" printing will be available for 5 minutes

Printing is now functional for 5 minutes and you can check by looking at the print spooler service in services

Once the application finishes installing the Print spooler service will be disabled again and the package will show "reinstall". Keep in mind if the machine runs group policy at any time during this period printing may be disabled again.

If you click "reinstall" the printing service will then be available again for another 5 minutes.

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