Outside employment is defined as:

  1. employment or consulting in an outside work or activity,
  2. receipt from an outside source of a regular retainer fee or salary, or
  3. regular or periodic involvement with a business or company in which the faculty has a principal interest or a non-profit organization in which the faculty is an officer, board member, etc. 

An employee may accept outside employment as long as their outside employment and volunteer activities will not create a real or perceived conflict of interest or commitment. These activities must also not interfere with an employee's full and proper performance of their university employment. 

All faculty and staff are required to request permission each year before accepting work outside of UT. The following link provides more information on outside employment and conflicts of interest:

To report outslide activities...

  • All Staff (Exempt and Non-Exempt) must complete a form via the University of Texas System Outside Activity Portal.
  • Faculty members and other principal investigators/researchers should use UTRMS