Secure connections to campus via VPN are required for certain services, one of which is access to College Shares.

VPN connections can be made through a secure Web-based SSL client,, for many OS's including Apple's 10.7 OS (Lion).  However, there are reported issues so please see the following steps for troubleshooting.

There is a reported problem with the Java installation portion of the VPN portal setup.   Users may experience that the process seems to hang at the Sun Java portion of the connection.

If this occurs and the wait takes longer than a minute, quit the web browser.

Within the Apple OS Finder, navigate to Applications>Utilities and locate the Java Preferences App.

Within the Java Preferences App, make sure that the 32-bit version of Java is listed first in order.  If it is not, click and drag it to the top of the list.

Close Java Preferences and restart your web browser and try

If the Java Preferences app does not exist in the Utilities folder, it can be manually installed via Software Update or the following link from Apple: