Note: Initially, you must send something to Green Output before you can access your Green Output folder. 

Accessing Green Output from these Operating Systems

Windows: Accessing Green Output

Folder Path: 

  • \\\disk\ereports\YourEID
    • For example:   \\\disk\ereports\abc12345

Create a shortcut on your "Desktop"

  1. Right-click white-space on your Desktop and choose: New>Shortcut
  2. Type the location of the item:
    1. \\\disk\ereports\YourEID
      1. For example:
        1. \\\disk\ereports\abc12345
  3. Next
  4. Type the name for this shortcut:
    1. Green Output
  5. Finish
  6. If you wish to change the shortcut icon for easier recognition,
    1. Right-click on the newly created shortcut and choose Properties
    2. In the Shortcut tab select the Change icon... button
    3. Select the icon of your choice, then OK > OK

MacOS: Accessing Green Output

Access via WebDav 

  1. In the finder, Go>Connect to Server
  2. Enter:
    1. For example:
  3. Enter your EID and EID password.
  4. Select the “+” to save for the future.
  5. Connect
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