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Accessing the Media Uploader

  • After logging in, click the link in the admin menu under 'My Files' to go to either 'My Documents' or 'My Images'. 
  • This takes you to the page where you can upload and manage your files.  
  • To begin the process for uploading a new file or to link to external media, click the blue link, "Upload a file".

Before beginning to upload, it is a best practice to ensure your images are at the optimal resolution of 835x491 pixels.

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Uploading a file

  • While on the 'Upload' tab (see image below):
    1. Click 'Choose file', which will open a file browser
      • Locate the file you want to upload and click 'Open'. You will then be taken back to the upload page.
    2. Click 'Upload' to add the file to the page
      • If you need to choose a different file, click 'Remove' and repeat the step above.
    3. Click 'Next' to move on to the next page
  • The next page you are taken to depends on what kind of file you uploaded.
    • If you uploaded a document (Word doc, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.), you will simply be taken to a preview of the file.
    • If you uploaded an image, you will be taken to the page pictured below. The 'Alt Text' field is required, but a caption is not.
      • 'Alt text' (alternative text) is used by screen readers, search engines, and when the image cannot be loaded. By adding alt text you improve accessibility and search engine optimization. 
  • When you are finished entering this information, click 'Save' and you will be directed to a preview of the file.

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Linking to external media (images, YouTube, Vimeo)

  • While on the 'Web' tab (see image below):
    1. In the text field, enter or paste in either the web address or the embed code for the media/file.
      • Learn more about finding an image's URL (web address) here.
      • Links for YouTube videos are on the Share tab below the video. (see below)
      • Links for Vimeo video are available by clicking the 'Share' button on right side of the video player. Another window will pop up with the option to copy the link. (see below)
    2. Click 'Submit' to get a preview of the linked media.

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After uploading/linking external media

  • Once the file is uploaded/linked and the details are saved, you may use the admin menu to navigate back to 'My Documents' or 'My Images' (as applicable).
    • You will also now be able to link to the file anywhere on the site. 
    • For images, you can click 'Edit' on the preview page to be taken to the Image Editor, where you can change the image crop and other settings.

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