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With Skype for Business, you can use existing distribution groups from the O365 Global Address list to organize your contacts instead of adding team or unit members individually.

If you would like to request the creation of a distribution group for your unit, please click here for instructions.

Find and add a distribution group

  1. In the Search box, type the display name or e-mail address of a distribution group. By default, Skype for Business lists all matching users and groups from the O365 Global Address list and your contacts. A distribution group, is easily identified by the group icon circled in red.

  2. In the Search Results box, right-click on the distribution group that you want to add, then click on Add to Contacts List.

  3. The group will appear in your Contacts list. By default, it will be expanded so you can see all the members. If desired, click on the arrow in front of the group name to collapse it.

  4. To send a message to the entire distribution group, right-click on the group name and select Send an IM. You can also easily start a conference call, video call, schedule a meeting, etc., with the entire team from here.

What happens when you add a distribution group to your Contacts?

When you add a distribution group from the University Global Address List to your Skype for Business Contacts list, each contact in the group is granted the Colleagues access level by default. This allows them to see your availability, contact information from the GAL.

Distribution Groups are managed groups that are automatically updated on your Skype for Business client if the Manager of the group removes or adds a new contact. Please note that there is currently a delay of 1 hour before changes made appears on your client.