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Your email address is recommended, but please use the email account you check most frequently.

Respond to questions within 3 business days. But, we understand that your coursework comes first. If you have a busy week ahead, respond by saying you’ve read the email, and give the student the option of waiting for your response or forwarding the student to another liaison (see the email template below). 

BCC on all responses.

Your tone can remain informal and friendly. Use your best judgment - this website provides some good tips for email etiquette.

Use the following below your signature: Remember your Vick Center advisor is your primary resource for all things related to academic coursework, prerequisites, deadlines, and policies.

If you have any questions about an email you receive or how to best answer a question, feel free to email

Email Template for Late Responses:

Hi ______,

Thanks for your question. I am more than happy to answer, but I am busy with [tests/work/labs/travel/etc.] this week. I will get back to you by [insert date here] or I can forward your question on to another liaison if you need an answer within 3 business days.


Email Template for Non-UT Students:

Thanks for your interest in the School of Undergraduate Studies at The University of Texas at Austin! The UGS liaisons program is set up for current UT students. If you have questions about enrolling in UGS, visit the UGS webpage on prospective students, visit Wayfinder, or learn more through UT Austin's Office of Admissions


The following responses are meant as prompts or suggestions. Always use your best judgment and respond according to what you’ve experienced!

How did you find your major?

Describe your personal experience at UT and with UGS, include any specific resources you used (links to webpages preferred).


What was your experience with the internal transfer process?

You are more than welcome to include your personal experience, any resources you used, how you planned for the process, etc. If the student asks about specific deadlines or requirements, send them to an advisor.


What classes/professors should I take?

Answer this question anecdotally- recommend classes based on interest and professors you’ve enjoyed. If they’re looking for anything more (registration, course catalogs, or specific deadlines), send them to their advisor.


What challenges did you face with your new college or school?

Again, drawing from your personal experience is best here. Help students prepare for any hurdles they may face in the upcoming semesters. Did you have any surprises or regrets?


What resources were most helpful to you while in UGS?

Vick Center advisors and career counselors, Sanger Learning Center, Wayfinder, Undergraduate Research, Summer Exploration Grant, UGS Council, and more. Feel free to include any other UT organizations or listservs that have helped you too.


How do I find involvement opportunities on campus?

HornsLink, searching for student organizations in the colleges/school/major you’re interested in, UGS Council, talking to people tabling on Speedway or West Mall, etc. Also, feel free to plug any UT organizations you’re a part of here.