The LBJ School computer lab is located on the south end of the second floor of SRH Unit 3. Students may access the lab at all hours using their UT proximity ID card. LBJ students who do not have building access added to their ID cards may submit a Proximity Card Activation Form.



On the east side of the lab, there are 14 Apple MacMini computers and on the west side there are 6 Apple MacMini computers. All of the MacMini computers can run either Windows 7 or Mac OS X operating systems. All computers have a 24-inch monitor.


All computers have Microsoft Office and STATA installed on both operating systems. ESRI ArcGIS and SAS are installed on the Windows 7 side of the Apple MacMinis.


Computer Lab Tips:

- Login with your UT EID and EID password. Remember to LOGOUT when finished.


- All files will be erased when you logout. Be sure to save your work to an external USB flash drive or cloud storage before you logout.


- When selecting Windows 7 on the Apple MacMinis be patient. The computer restart takes about 2 minutes before landing on the Control-Alt-Delete screen.


- Please be careful with beverages and other refreshments near the equipment, and help us keep the lab in order by cleaning spills, water rings and trash when you leave.



One black and white UTprint printer and one color UTprint printer is located in the southeast corner of the lab. The UTPrint system uses UT proximity ID cards to store and release print jobs sent from UTPrint enabled computers. For more information about registering your ID card for UTPrint, downloading UTPrint drivers for your personal computer, and paying for printing with BevoBucks, visit the ITS UTPrint website.