Appointed Committees 2016-17

Academic Excellence Committee

The purpose of this committee is to encourage high standards of teaching and learning in the College of Communication and to nominate candidates for the Teaching Excellence Award. It is comprised of the recipients of the Teaching Excellence Award selected within the last 3 years.

Brad Love - CHAIR

Randy Cox

LeeAnn Kahlor

Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee meets monthly to advise the Dean on administrative matters. It also gives final approval to degree and course changes in the College. Members include the Dean, department chairs/directors and their administrative associates, and assistant and associate deans, and program directors within the College.

Jay Bernhardt, Dean (Committee Chair)

Rosental Alves, Director, Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas

Mark Bernstein, Associate Dean for Student Affairs

James Booth, Chair, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

John Brejot, Director, Development

R.B. Brenner, Director, School of Journalism

Barry Brummett, Chair, Department of Communication Studies

Courtney Byrd, Director, Lang Stuttering Institute

Mike Cramer, Director, Texas Program in Sports and Media

Janice Daman, Assistant Dean for Business and Technology Services

Nick Hundley, Director of Communications

Gerald Johnson, Director, Texas Student Media

Dave Junker, Director, Senior Fellows Program

Susan Nold, Director, Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life

Steve Reese, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Darrell Rocha, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Charles Soto, Director, Technology

Warren Spector, Director, Denius-Sams Gaming Academy

Paul Stekler, Chair, Department of Radio-TV-Film

Pat Stout, Director, Stand Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations

Sharon Strover, Director, Telecommunications and Information Policy Institute

Stewart Vanderwilt, Assistant Dean for Media Operations

Michael Wilson, Assistant Dean, External Relations

Graduate Advisors Committee

The purpose of this committee is to advise the departments/schools and the Dean on the general developments of the graduate programs. Comprised of Graduate Advisors from each department/school with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs serving as chair.

Steve Reese – CHAIR

Gary Wilcox – Advertising

Elizabeth Pena – CSD

Sharon Jarvis – CMS

Renita Coleman – Journalism

Shanti Kumar and Richard Lewis – RTF

Latino Media Studies Committee 

This committee oversees and gives general direction to this program, which leads to an undergraduate concentration and certificate.

Joseph D. Straubhaar -  RTF Chair

Mary Beltran - RTF

Barbara Davis - CSD

Lisa Dobias - ADV

Stephen D. Reese - JOUR

Staff Excellence Award Committee

The purpose of this committee is to select winners of the College Staff Excellence Awards and to provide for recognition of the outstanding work of staff members and their contributions to the programs in the College.

Dave Cox (2012-13) Co-Chair
Jeremy Grury (2012-13) Co-Chair
Efrain Colon-Cabrera (2013-14)
Michelle Monk (2014-15)
Jennifer Betancourt (2014-15)