There are 2 CTR vehicles that can be used for project work:

  1. Ford C-Max can carry up to 5 people, but has small trunk space
  2. Ford Escape can carry up to 5 people, but has more trunk space.

To book the CTR vehicle, please email CTR-Admin with the date and time the vehicle is needed. If the vehicle is free, it will be assigned to you and will be notated in the CTR Admin calendar.In order to use the CTR vehicle, drivers must have completed mandatory driving training, and have a valid Texas driver’s license. Please email CTR-Admin for more information.

To be eligible to drive a CTR vehicle, a staff member: (1) must have a valid Texas driver's license, (2) must have taken the online UT vehicle training.

* All new drivers must be trained before being authorized and allowed to drive a U.T. owned vehicle.
1.) All new drivers must receive training before they can be authorized to drive a UT-owned vehicle.

2.) Driver training may include any one of the following:

Location and Use of the CTR Vehicles

We have two parking spots reserved for our two vehicles on the south side of the building, in the Pay & Display lot (F). The spots are signed with “CTR Vehicle Only” so they are easy to find. You’ll return the vehicles to those spots when you are done with them. We’ll use the same checkout system we use now—email the CTR Admin mailbox to request a car reservation and pick up the key from the CTR purchaser (a new purchaser is joining us 2.12.18).