UGS has a variety of special software that is uses. Below is a listing of the specialized software.

There is also some legacy software that is still in use.


The current version of Filemaker in use is 15. The databases are located on the server and is hosted by ITS.

Server certificates must be obtained before expiring. An email will be sent by the system when it is close to expiring. Renewal requests can be sent to


SPSS is currently only being used by Assessment. There is 1 total license. Renewal is due in Oct each year. It must be purchase via TXShop through ITS.

SPSS LicensesTag Number
Assessment - Jennifer Nailos


Tableau is currently only being used by the Assessment team. There are two licenses that was obtained by Laura Costello. The software is installed on two GA computers.

Creative Cloud

There is currently only 8 device licenses. Renewal is due in Nov each year. It must be done through Michael Hill of the Campus Computer Store. An email must be sent to him to obtain a quote and include the VIP number. He can be contacted by email at or 512-232-3838. Once you receive the quote from him, you can put the quote number into a cart in UT Market to process the order.

Creative Cloud LicensesTag Number
Lara Harlan
Lane Mann
Trent Lesikar
Alan Grimes
Shannon Lundquist
Nina Ho


Schlage Software

The Schlage software is used for programming the doors in JES.

Legacy Software

There is still usage of some versions of Adobe Acrobat 10 and 11 and Adobe Creative Suite 6. Starting with Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina), these old version will not be available.

PyCharm - Web Dev

Must call in and use ProCard - they cannot process procard payments on their website - started with 4, but reduced to 3. They are located in California, so 3 hour difference. Best time to call them is around 12.

LicensesLicense ID NumberStatus

John Croslin

U0KVW1HWUWActive - Might also be Will's - need confirmation
Cindy MorrisonRDMORIV5APActive
Will Grindle23NPHH6KT9Active - Might also be John's - need confirmation
GA LicenseH4HNLGKXWBDiscontinued - May resume later?