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Project owner: Ila Awasthi

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Team members: Erika S Corbell Deborah L Degezelle 

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Problem space

Why are we doing this?

Problem statement

  • Contacts must be tracked as individuals and as employees of accounts.
  • Accounts track membership status and sector affiliations.
  • Account hierarchies show parent and subsidiary companies. 

Impact of this problem

Incorrect accounts and contacts' information would mean mismanagement and incorrect assessment of a company and individual.

How do we judge success?

  • Getting the right companies and their information.
  • Getting the members and their correct member branches
  • Getting the non-members and their correct non-member branches
  • Contacts must be tracked as individuals and as employees of accounts

What are possible solutions?

Batch import to Salesforce from iMIS. Thereafter, maintaining the data and adding new in Salesforce. Consideration for useful and redundant data.


What do we already know?

We already have the accounts and contacts' data in the database.

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What do we need to answer?

Automation: If a company changes to be a non-member/member, all the branches be automatically changed to non-member/member in Salesforce. may be Phase 2??

What questions will increase our confidence in the decisions we need to make?

What are the gaps in our understanding?

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Ready to make it

What are we doing?

Importing data into Salesforce from the database

Why will a customer want this?

Accounts and Contacts are the building blocks for Customer management.

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Visualize the solution

It's good to get Design input here: white board sketches, journey map, end to end demo

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Scale and scope

Phase 2: Work on automations

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Task List

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