Each individual traveling, including students, must submit their own travel request.

Additional funding for travel is limited. Researchers can fill out the current Request for Additional Travel Funding form and send it to the director and CC: CTR Admin for approval. Please contact CTR Admin for more information about policy.

DO NOT travel until you receive an automated email with your RTA number.

[caption id="attachment_11650" align="aligncenter" width="600"]screenshot of a travel approval email Example RTA (Request for Travel Authorization) Email. If you do not receive the automated email with your RTA information and number, you should assume you don’t have an RTA in place.[/caption]

TxDOT-sponsored travel

For out-of-state travel requests on TxDOT-sponsored projects, be sure to fill out TxDOT's University Out-of-State Travel Request form for approval before booking your trip.

Requires minimum of 10 business days / 2 weeks for RTI approval.

Administrators: Per TxDOT policy, all travel should contain the following information in the notes section of the VP5 or in the VE5: Name of traveler, dates, destination, purpose, and project number.

Please note, you can only pay for your own travel. You cannot be reimbursed for someone else’s accommodations or meals.