RTI has issued new guidelines and templates for use in research proposals (including Implementations).  These guidelines are available in the current release of the RTI Research Manual external link.  RTI has also issued a University Handbook external link which, among other great information, outlines specific guidelines for use in composing a research proposal using the required documents below.

Required Documents

The documents listed below are required for every formal response to an RFP, including sole source. If a formal response omits required information, it is deemed non-responsive and will not be accepted for technical evaluation. RTI Main will issue a proposal due date upon release of the RFP. That submittal deadline date must be met, or the proposal will be rejected. This pertains to sole source proposals, also.

  1. Cover Page (if omitted, proposal will be deemed non-responsive)
  2. Exhibit A, Itemized Budget
  3. Exhibit B, Project Description
  4. Schedule of Research Activities (if omitted, proposal will be deemed non- responsive)
  5. Background and Significance of Work
  6. Research Staff and Facilities (if omitted, proposal will be deemed non-responsive)

If additional information is required for a specific project, that additional requirement will be stated in the Project Statement or Implementation Project Recommendation distributed in the RFP.

The Background and Significance of Work is no longer a part of Exhibit B (which includes the Work Plan).  This file is treated as a separate document of no more than 10 pages in length, and its information is used only during the evaluation of the proposal.

CTR/Contracts will issue the current templates directly to the RS or upon request.


Modification Guidelines

RTI has issued updated guidelines for modifications, as discussed in the University Handbook.