Learn how to navigate, search, and get help in Salesforce Lightning

What is a CRM? - 2 minutes 20 sec

Learn about a CRM and how Salesforce can help you grow your business.


Lightning Experience: Let's Take it for a Spin - 4 minutes 25 sec

Your personal settings, how to find things, and how to navigate records, find details, and common actions.


Trail:   Elevate Your Daily Productivity

10 minutes, 100 pts

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:


These videos showcase Salesforce and the Lightning Experience. Learn how to find your personal settings, where to find items such as records and apps, and how to navigate records and find details and common actions. Explore built-in productivity and collaboration tools. Learn how to use Search. Meet the Home page, where you can start your day well informed and ready to go. Check out the Trail to learn more.

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