The following is a categorized list of software available through the UT GSAF and/or TACC's life sciences group. Each page lists a summary of the software, the hardware it is currently installed on, links to user documentation, and helpful tips.

Many of these are available via the TACC module system (use module keyword or module spider to search).

The current listing of modules and versions available on Lonestar is also posted here.

In addition, the BioITeam maintains executables in /corral-repl/utexas/BioITeam/bin; we advise adding this directory to your path.


Galaxy Workflows

General purpose tools

Microarray data analysis tools

NGS Data Quality Control Tools


Gene prediction tools

SNP discovery and Annotation

RNA-Seq Analysis

Splice Junction discovery

Genome Alignment and Visualization

De novo assembly

Transcriptome de novo assembly

ABI pipelines

454 Analysis tools
Current Roche/454 software versions on Fourierseq are all 2.5.3. Tarballs of various 454 software versions are available at /home/daras/454sw*

Useful scripts

Software users group meetings