ITS Networking has enabled a feature to let you answer your office phone with a mobile phone app called Bria Enterprise client. This is not a call forwarding service. Calls to your office phone ring on your Bria app at the same time as your office phone. Also, when you make a call from the Bria app the person you call sees your office phone number and not your mobile phone number. The Bria app is a just an additional software phone tied to the same line as your office physical phone.

To register for the service please go to

This is a service that was in development by ITS prior COVID-19 but was not yet ready for release. ITS has decided to release it now due to the extenuating circumstances that make this feature highly desirable right now. Please keep in mind that there are certain caveats to consider when using this.

If you encounter a problem setting this up on your phone, then here are some actions others have taken that resolved their problem.