Students can create their own Zoom meetings. Here are instructions for creating and managing a meeting.

Create a Zoom Meeting

  1. Access your UT Zoom account at

  2. Click on the "New Meeting" button to create a new meeting

  3. Click on the "Invite" button to invite others to your meeting and share your Meeting ID with them

Managing Zoom Meetings

Zoom has extensive controls for managing meetings. Here are some abbreviated instructions to give you an idea of what is available. For further instructions you may access helpful short videos and directions under Video Tutorials in your account

The Participant Window 

The Chat Window 

The Whiteboard 



Basics of Screen-Sharing

  1. Make sure that you have your PowerPoint deck open and ready to go

  2. When you are ready to display your slides, share your screen by clicking the Share Screen button at the bottom of your Zoom window. Then select your PowerPoint deck from the available options to share

    This video walks you through the steps  

  3. Click the Slide Show tab at the top of the PowerPoint window that opened when you selected your PowerPoint deck, and then click the Set Up Slide Show icon

  4. In the Set Up Show window under "Show type," select "Browsed by an individual (window)" then click OK

  5. After these setup procedures you may Play your PowerPoint deck and begin your presentation

  6. Once you are finished you can stop your screen share by clicking the red Stop Share button at the top of your Zoom window

Recording a Zoom Meeting

Optimizing Applications You're Sharing

Screen-sharing Excel Files

Screen-sharing PowerPoint

Screen-sharing Video

Group presentations 

Zoom Student Group Meetings

The best way to create a series of student group meetings is to create a recurring meeting. By doing this the meeting ID never changes and you do not need to send out invites for every meeting. This creates meetings that repeat as often as you choose. For more information please visit Zoom Student Group Meetings

The Annotate Feature

UT has changed the default settings for all of our UT Zoom accounts to prevent individuals not affiliated with the university from interrupting meetings by using features like Annotate. However, Annotate can be re-enabled for your use. To retrieve the Annotate button:

NOTE: You will want to “Disable participant annotation” at the beginning of each call to prevent others from drawing or writing on your screen. You can do this by: 

Still need help? 

Go to the Student Troubleshooting page first.  If that doesn't help:   

For McCombs studentsplease contact Media Services via email or phone:

For all other UT students, please contact your respective college or school