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Fellows - 100% funded by fellowships

This section applies to students on full fellowships from the Cockrell School of Engineering, the Graduate School, and those external fellowships that are administrated by the Graduate School or departments, such as NSF and NIH F31.

Gap Insurance

Students transitioning from a full fellowship to a benefits-eligible employment position will need to purchase gap insurance. The AcademicBlue plan has coverage dates of 8/15-8/14 each academic year, while UT Select has coverage dates of 9/1-8/31 each year. Here's an example:

A student purchased one year of insurance from AcademicBlue while they were funded by their Cockrell School fellowship. The insurance is valid from August 15, 2020 to August 14, 2021. Next year, the student will transition into a GRA position within their lab and will transition to UT Select insurance. Since their Academic Blue insurance ends on August 14 and UT Select will not begin until their first day of work on September 1, the student needs to purchase gap insurance to cover August 15-August 31.

Gap insurance can be purchased through AcademicBlue beginning August 1 each year. See the AcademicBlue website and look for the Gap Insurance tab to enroll.