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Logo Use & Guidelines FAQ

Q: What logos are acceptable for BME faculty and students to use?

A: Both the BME logo and University of Texas at Austin wordmark are acceptable faculty, students, and staff to use on presentations, documents, academic research posters, etc.

Q: Where do I find the department logo and university wordmark?

A: Access the department logo and other communications resources. Access the university wordmark and learn more about university branding

Q: What logos are not acceptable?

A: Do NOT use the university seal or the Longhorn Silhouette—both are inappropriate for academic research posters, presentations, and documents, etc. 
The university seal is reserved for official university business capacities (e.g. certificates, letters, etc.) and for use by the President's Office. 
Use of the the Longhorn Silhouette must be approved by the Office of Trademarks and Licensing. 

More information on the purposes of both of these visual identifiers can be found in the UT Austin Brand Guidelines

Q: Why are the seal and Longhorn Silhouette available on UT's site if we're not supposed to use them? 

A: The seal and Longhorn Silhouette are available on UT's site because different employees, colleges, schools, units, and sponsored student organizations on campus need them for different purposes. They are available with the understanding that they will be used according to the usage guidelines stated on UT's site.

Branded PowerPoint templates are available for student and faculty/staff use.

Powerpoint Presentation (2019) Works Well with More Text

Powerpoint Presentation (2019) Works Well with More Visuals

BME PowerPoint template widescreen (2019)

Once opened you will see that each includes examples for layouts and guidelines. To save a theme to your computer:

  1. Open the PowerPoint.
  2. Click the Theme tab.
  3. Choose Save Theme, and then Save Theme… from the dropdown menu.
  4. Give it a name. Do NOT change the default location of where it saves.
  5. Close the file.

You can then create a new PowerPoint using the template by selecting FileNew from Template…