The Emergency section contains information for staff, faculty, students and other guests of the Winship Building on proper procedure during an emergency. Under no circumstances should you sacrifice personal safety for the sake of departmental emergency procedure. Find protocols for all building staff and faculty at the links below.

Nathan Harper  is responsible for emergency protocol for Winship. For general information about the building, check out the  Facilities  section.

Winship and Laboratory Theatre Assembly Areas:

Primary Assembly Area: In front of the big fountain just down the steps from the "east mall".

Staging Areas:

  • Basement: B.104
  • First Floor: Main Lobby
  • Second Floor: Passenger Elevator Lobby up in front of 2.112

Staging areas are to be used for those building occupants that require evacuation assistance during an evacuation.

Staging Area: 2.112

This is for people needing a place to hide out during a lockdown, threat outside scenario.

Primary Shelter: B.220 (basement near the freight elevator)

Floor Shelters:

  • First Floor: 1.320 (Payne backstage)
  • Second Floor: 2.112
  • TPA Sector: 2.3S4 (westernmost stairwell)

Nathan Harper - Assistant Operations Manager's work phone: (512) 232-5313

University Health Services : (512) 475-6877

University of Texas Police Department (UTPD): 911 or (512) 471-4441

UT Emergency Information : (512) 232-9999

Emergency Plans - Campus Safety and Security

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