Adding, Reassigning and Canceling UTVM

Please Note:

The following information is for standard voice mail service.  For information regarding ordering and using Greeting-Only Accounts, please see Greeting-Only Accounts.

Determining if UTVM Service Already Exists for a Phone Number

If the mailbox exists, you will hear its greeting.  If not, you will hear that the "service is temporarily unavailable."  You can then proceed to request new service or reassignment of the existing mailbox, as appropriate.

Adding New UTVM Service

To request new service, email with the following:

Reassigning UTVM Service

To request mailbox reassignment, send an email to with the following:

Option 1:  Complete Mailbox Replacement 

This option is the cleanest for the new subscriber, because all settings and greetings will be removed.  However, any messages (played or unplayed) will also be removed and cannot be retrieved.

Option 2:  PIN Reset Only

This option retains any messages (played or unplayed) left in the mailbox, but also retains any greetings and settings used by the previous subscriber.  (The new subscriber will be provided a list of greetings and settings to check and update.)

Cancelling UTVM Service 

Send an email to requesting cancellation of voice mail, and provide the phone number(s).  

Trouble Reporting

Send an email to describing in as much detail as possible the nature of the trouble you're experiencing.  A ServiceNow ticket will be automatically created.

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