How to Rebuild PDF's: 

Click on the assignment you wish to rebuild.

Click on green arrow on top left of the screen that's on the right of the assignment name.

Click on the Instances tab.

Click on the PDF tab, then click the icons, "rebuild all question PDF's" and "rebuild all solutions PDF's"

How to rebuild Big PDF:

On the same page, click on Big PDF, and then "Rebuild" tab

Admin Functions for OnRamps Admins

How to Masq as a student or instructor:

Go to:

Click on "Masquerade" tab. Type in EID of the user in the box. Click on "change."

Under shortcuts on the top right side of the screen, click on "instructor" for instructor view or "student" for student view. 

How to view course elements:

Go to course page. Click on "Elements." All elements in the course will be listed.

How to add students

This is the admin auth page for TTU, and this tab should list courses.

Click on the course of interest, and the Main tab for the course will have a text area named: "Add Students to Course". Make sure the dropdown is set to drop them into the correct section, if there's more than one section. Paste the EID into the box, press "ADD". You should get a confirmation bubble.

How to reset a student's assignment:

On the institution admin page:

Drill into the element and then the Instance tab.  The reset for a user is near the bottom of the page. Type in the EID in the box after "Invalidate a single student's response."  snd click "INVALIDATE."

Make sure you don't invalidate ALL STUDENTS' responses (which is in the box right below).