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This space will be used to communicate with students in the Introduction to Biological Statistics Course. Here, you will find copies of lecture materials, exercises and other relevant resources. For more information, contact Nathaniel Pope at, Spencer Fox at, or Nichole Bennett at If you want to get weekly announcements about the course (weekly topics, software requirements, etc.) please sign up for the listserv here.

The goal of this workshop is to provide graduate students early in their studies with a broad set of practical statistical knowledge and tools for their research projects. The workshop focuses on statistical analysis in R, and we provide basic R instruction that assumes no prior familiarity with R. Past workshops have included broad overviews and workable examples of the following types of analysis: linear models and model fitting, time series analysis, spatial statistics, phylogenetics, population genetics, population dynamics and principal components analysis. This workshop is not meant replace formal course work in statistics. Instead, it provides participants with a foundation of knowledge that can be built upon by future study.

The course has a GitHub repository which will periodically be updated with scripts and other materials that are used in the class. An annotated list of Statistics Resources is available on Google Drive.

This course meets Fridays 2-3:30 pm in GDC 7.514 .

Please take the course survey to help us better meet your needs! Also, we are actively looking for post-docs and graduate students to lead individual sessions. You don't have to be an expert, just willing to share what you know.

Prerequisite R knowledge assumed for statistics topics lectures:

If you're attending any of the specific statistics topic lectures, we expect that you have a reasonable understanding of the material presented in the first few weeks of class. We also expect that you can do the following in R: access help files for functions, load data, and install R packages. If you need extra practice/instruction in loading data or installing packages, we have the following cheat sheets for you. 

Install and Load R Packages

Load Data


WeekDateR TopicStatistical TopicInstructor
19/4Introduction to RDid we mention R?Nate Pope/Spencer Fox/Nichole Bennett
29/11Probability Distributions, SimulationProbability and LikelihoodNate Pope/Spencer Fox/Nichole Bennett
39/18Functions, Flow ControlHypothesis TestingNate Pope/Spencer Fox/Nichole Bennett
49/25Model Fitting, DebuggingLinear ModelsNate Pope/Spencer Fox/Nichole Bennett
510/2 Model BuildingAndrius Dagilis
610/9Package lme4, parametric bootstrapMixed/Hierarchical ModelsNate Pope
710/16 Spatial/Temporal statisticsEmlyn Resetarits
810/23Bayesian inference in JAGSBayesian InferenceSpencer Fox
910/30Best programming practices in RR, R, R, R, R, R, R...Nichole Bennett
1011/6Package igraphNetworksAmanda Perofsky
1111/13Package lme4, parametric bootstrapMixed/Hierchical ModelsNate Pope
1211/20Parallelization in R, R on TACCR, TACCDennis Wylie
1312/4Best programming practices in RR!Nichole Bennett

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