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December 10, 2018

Alamo Room 

Audience: Non-AD staff


What's ready?

  • Accounts and Contacts are populated from iMIS - ready for staff
  • Groups are populated from iMIS - ready for QA (today!)
  • Member list on website is populated by Salesforce data

What is happening this week?

  • Training and turn over of phase 1 ownership (contacts, accounts, groups) to staff, collect feedback and refine as necessary
  • Final groups import: JIP and other, historical groups
  • Event attendance imports to continue
  • Contact and Groups synchronization with website will be deployed later this week
    • New contacts in Salesforce are populated in Kentico and vice versa
    • New group members are Salesforce get access to Kentico groups and are reflected in rosters

What is happening next week?

  • Event attendance imports till complete
  • Member company history to be imported
  • Kentico - CII's website to be upgraded from version 9 to version 11

What happens later?

  • Other history - pdh, publication orders, downloads to be imported to Salesforce
  • Cvent integration in 1Q19
  • Techstreet publication store launch and integration with KB
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Tableau integration

Training and Salesforce support next steps.

  • Meet with membership staff to set up opportunities, campaigns, invoices and collections
  • AD training session
  • Talk to Deborah if you need any training or other support or tweaks. One-on-one sessions or group sessions.  

CII's Primary Salesforce Apps

  • Sales: Day-to-day, basic management of Accounts and Contacts
  • CII Groups:  Committees, research teams, CBAs are found here.
  • Salesforce Chatter: Collaborate with each other to learn Salesforce. Also future home for selected members.
  • Invoices & Collections: Deployment still in progress. Accounts receivable for membership, publications, other. 


Go to Chatter. Post a comment


CII How to Article: Search and List Views

Search - use the search bar to find contacts, accounts and other information quickly

  • Search for John Smith
  • Search for contacts you know

List View and Filters

Use List View Filters for some of your common searches.

Check out this quick 4 minute video.


  • Add the My CII calendar - this will be a shared calendar for all events.

CII Groups

Committees, teams and CBAs.

Group Managers

  1. Do you manage a group?  Create a personal list view.

Test Protocol