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The CII 10-10 Program is an online questionnaire designed to assist with creating 10-10 project surveys, gathering 10-10 survey data, and viewing the 10-10 Performance Assessment Report. The 10-10 program allows benchmarking managers and Project Coordinators to view all project surveys within their company in one place. It also allows for survey teams to be built with a web interface and survey team members can respond to the survey online.

There are a few key concepts that you need to keep in mind when using the 10-10 system, which are reviewed below:

  1. Each project consists of five phases.
  2. For each phase, data is organized in three sections: general information ('GEN'), input section (IN), and output section ('OUT').
  3. Each phase has a Project Coordinator, which is the person in charge of entering the general information ('GEN'section) and output data ('OUT' section) in the system and distributing the input section survey to the project team.
  4. Only the project coordinator can see the 10-10 interface and access the 10-10 report (note that each company has a Benchmarking Manager who can also access all 10-10 data and reports). All other team members only see the survey form.

The following pages provide guidance for specific procedures:



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