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We are excited to announce new services available at the Counseling and Mental Health Center: online scheduling for brief assessment appointments and expansion of services to students out of the state and out of the country.  These services will be especially helpful to graduate students who may need more flexibility in scheduling and may currently be residing outside Texas.

Online appointment scheduling:

Students can now schedule their initial brief assessment appointment through our online scheduling system.  We are delighted to introduce this new level of convenience and flexibility for students.  If preferred, students can still call us at 512-471-3515 to speak with a brief assessment counselor right away rather than scheduling an appointment for a future date. We have more information about this new service on our FAQ page. To book an appointment, students can simply click “Schedule a brief assessment” on the CMHC homepage.

Service expansion to students out of state and out of the country:

Additionally, we recently rolled out another new mental health benefit: all UT graduate and undergraduate students, no matter their location, can access services.  CMHC has been providing telehealth services since mid-March 2020.  Because of state licensing requirements, we were limited in who we were able to provide services for to those physically within the state of Texas.  But now, with a new partnership, we can make sure that all students, even those out of the state or out of the country can access mental health services.  To get connected to this service, students should call us (512-471-3515) or schedule a brief assessment online to discuss their options.

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