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Travel support is limited to a maximum of $400 per student each semester. Receipts are required for any reimbursed charges after travel. Priority consideration will be given to applicants who are presenting research. 

Applications will be due February 1st for Spring travel and September 15th for Fall travel.

To be considered for travel support you must:

1)     Fill out the Student_Travel_Request_Cover Letter and obtain the collaborating faculty signature on this form prior to it being uploaded. A faculty signature is not required if you are not presenting with a faculty member

2)    In addition to the cover letter, you will need to upload your conference Notice of Acceptance. This form is provided by the conference organizers and states that you are accepted to present. A file upload portal for this submission will be in the application itself for this step. 

*       One Notice of Acceptance and one Student Travel Request Cover Letter must be included with this application for each session that is listed. For example, if you are doing two session presentations, even if it is in the same conference, you must upload a Notice of Acceptance and Student Travel Request Cover Letter for each session presentation. 

3)    The Notice of Acceptance and Student Travel Request Cover Letter must be submitted in a single file. For example, the file must include the Student Travel Request Cover Letter in the front, then the Notice of Acceptance. 

*File naming convention should be:


4)    Fill out the Student Travel Award Support Request Application, and upload the file you created in the first step.

*Request must be submitted electronically

Online - Student Travel Award Support Request Application

Important Notice:

Funding is based on the competitive nature of the pool of applicants and our budget for the academic year. All who apply may not be funded in a given semester.

Student Travel Awards:

  • The current prohibition on university-sanctioned travel for business or study is extended through May 31, 2021 due to COVID-19.

Accommodations for spring 2021 due to COVID-19:

1.          PDA awards can be used for other professional development activities, such as online workshops or data/analytical training (e.g. statistics).  These activities cannot be regular coursework but instead new things to extend the student’s current training that require funding. 

2.          Students going to virtual conferences must still be presenting their research in order to use the PDA.

3.          Students taking language training will only be covered by a PDA if that language is not taught at UT and relates to degree requirements.

4.          Amount restrictions still apply; $100 minimum (temporarily lowered from $250)

5.          Students still need to submit a short report about the professional development value they received from this activity,

6.          Dates of the activity must still be within the dates for the fall semester that the funds are requested.

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