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We continually improve the data by examining specimens that we've decided are suspicious (usually spatial outliers). All occurrence records have been assigned a color to indicate our assessment of the record's suspect status and processing status. The color schema has been implemented in our map views of the data, specimen pages, and in our checklists. Cool colors (green, aqua, purple, and blue) are the most reliable records while warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) remain suspect. The table below is a summary of the records for one species in the database. There are 69 records that are suspect and 62 of them have been examined. There are 95 which remain to be examined, that are are likely incorrect determinations or other data errors. There are 1,040 records that we've deemed to be likely accurate. 62 of those have been examined, but 26 of them remain to be examined. We never have suspect records that we do not wish to examine, (hence the "NA").

We upload data updates periodically and so may have new information about the specimens in our database that are not yet publicly available. Feel free to contact us with questions about the status of any of our records. If you know something about a record that could be relevant to its status let us know in the comments.

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