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Prices shown below are estimates based on typical project. According to UT System and UT Austin policy, the GSAF bills for actual expenses can vary with the size and scope of each project.     

Sequencing prices per Run, Lane and by number of Reads

Run Types Available for purchasing only your desired number of reads per sample

(Purchasing by number of reads on the NovaSeq is only for customers using dual indices (preferably UDI's) or those who select the GSAF to prepare the libraries)

NOTE: Cost per read example is for planning purposes only and will vary depending on the library type submitted for sequencing

PlatformRun TypeCost (based on min reads purchased)       External CostReads (min. required per sample)Minimum Reads Required per Project
NovaSeq S1 PE150$120.07 (20M)$151.892.00E+071.00E+08
NovaSeq S1 SR100$94.07 (20M)$119.002.00E+071.00E+08
NovaSeq SP PE150

$146.50 (20M)

MiSeq V2PE250$158.54 (1M)$200.551.00E+061.00E+06
MiSeq V3PE300$114.43(1M)$144.751.00E+061.00E+06

Run Type Available for purchasing Full Lanes

Platform Run TypeCostExternal CostTotal Reads Produced per Lane
NovaSeq S1 LANEPE150$4775.00$6040.387.00E+08
NovaSeq S1 LANESR100$3865.00$4889.237.00E+08
NovaSeq SP LANEPE150$3135.50$3961.063.50E+08

Available Run types when purchasing the Full run 

There is an extra cost if you request to have samples run in individual lanes, S4 can run 4 lanes, S2, S1, SP can run 2 lanes

PlatformRun TypeCostExternal CostReads 
NovaSeq S4PE150$20,504.00



NovaSeq S4PE100$18,586.50$23,511.929.00E+09
NovaSeq S4SR35$15,434.00$19,524.019.00E+09
NovaSeq S2PE150$14,196.00$17,957.943.70E+09
NovaSeq S2PE100$13,416.00$16,971.243.70E+09
NovaSeq S2PE50, SR100$11,141.00$14,093.373.70E+09
NovaSeq S1PE150$8,405.00$10,632.331.40E+09
NovaSeq S1PE100$7885.00$9,974.531.40E+09
NovaSeq S1PE50, SR100$6,585.00$8,330.031.40E+09
NovaSeq SPPE250$6,626.00$8,373.48


NovaSeq SPPE150$5126.00$6475.997.00E+08
NovaSeq SPPE100$4,813.50$6,080.677.00E+08
NovaSeq SPPE50, SR100$4,001.11$5,052.867.00E+08
NextSeq 500 HOPE150$6,707.00$8,450.823.30E+08
NextSeq 500 HOPE75, SR150$4,535.00$5,714.103.30E+08
NextSeq 500 HOPE35, SR75$2,807.00$3,536.823.30E+08
NextSeq 500 MOPE150$2,622.00$3,303.721.20E+08
NextSeq 500 MOPE75, SR150$1,782.00$2,245.321.20E+08
MiSeq V2PE250$2,061.09$2,596.971.3E+07
MiSeq V2PE150$1,895.19$2,387.941.3E+07
MiSeq V2SR50$1,605.09$2,022.411.3E+07
MiSeq V3PE300$2,517.09$3,171.532.2E+07
MiSeq V3PE75, SR150$1,719.09$2,166.052.2E+07

The GSAF does not guarantee read counts but we will try our best to meet customer request when we prepare the libraries, however we will not make up any read counts for customer prepared libraries.

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