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One service change arising from the transition of Academic Technology Support (ATS) to LAITS Computer Support is that one-off computer purchases for individual units will no longer be processed centrally. LAITS will continue to handle bulk computer purchases on a yearly basis as part of the Generations program, however, purchasing computers between cycles will now be the responsibility of departmental administrative staff. In an attempt to make the transition easier, we have created a step-by-step guide for the administrative staff who will now be responsible for these purchases. It is important to follow these directions to ensure your order is accurate and meets the required LAITS minimum computer specifications. Let's get started... 

Ordering Apple Products 

Apple products are purchased through the Campus Computer Store via UT Market, but should first be configured on a separate Apple Store E-Commerce site for Education Institutions. To get the correct models at the lowest price, order your products by part number on the Apple Store E-Commerce website and then follow the process to copy your order into the Campus Computer Store on UT Market. If you have not previously used the Apple Store E-Commerce to purchase Apple products, you will need to create a unique Apple ID, which requires a UT email address.

To create your Apple ID for use on the Apple Store E-Commerce, please see our Apple Store E-Commerce Account Setup guide.

Then, log into the Apple Store E-Commerce, order computers by part number and copy the quoted Apple proposal into the Campus Computer Store on UT Market. Refer to our Ordering Apple Products and Recommended Apple Products guides for this process.

Ordering Dell Products 

Dell products are purchased through UT Market via the Dell punch out. To order Dell products, refer to our Ordering Dell Products guide. Log into UT Market and select the Dell (via Summus) punch out. Then, select a computer from our Recommended Dell Products page to add to items to your cart.

Completing the Order

Both Apple and Dell purchases follow the same process to complete the order in UT Market. Refer to our Completing a UT Market Purchase guide to complete your purchase. 

Please pay careful attention to complete the field marked "Instructions for Buyer". The information you provide in that field will inform LAITS of the intended end user along with any special instructions relating to the purchase. Once received, LAITS will tag and record the computer in inventory, image it, and schedule a deployment with the user.

LAITS-Inventory Contact Information:

LAITS Shipping Address

2109 San Jacinto Blvd. L. Theo Bellmont Hall Rm. 200A, Austin, TX 78712

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