McCombs Students

You can add software to your computer from the Common Operating Environment website, including:

  • Decision Tools (includes Stat Tools)
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Project

The Decision Tools license is a 1-year license that expires each year on August 31. You will need to reinstall Decision Tools at the start of each fall term while you are an enrolled student. You will not have access to install this software once you graduate.

To install COE software:

Some of the installation downloads are quite large. We recommend using a wired network connection to speed the download and to be patient.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your UT-EID and password.
  3. In the Software list, click the name of the software you want to install
  4. Click the link that says Click here to download the COE version of software from this server'.''
    1. Save the file to your computer. It may take a while to download depending on the size of the installation files.*
      For most software:
    2. Open the downloaded file using a ZIP utility.*
    3. Extract all files to a folder on your computer.*
    4. Open the folder and double-click the*Setup.exe file to run it.
    5. Follow the installation instructions.*
      *For Decision Tools:*
    6. Open the file. It is a self-extracting installation, so it should start to run automatically.*
    7. Follow the installation instructions.*
    8. If you are using Excel 2007, make sure to also install the updates, found below the main installation files on the COE page.*
      Opening this software will open it as a package around Excel. You must launch this software from its own icon; you cannot open it from within Excel.
      If prompted, check to*Always trust macros from this publisher*and*Enable Macros.*

McCombs Faculty and Staff

For many McCombs faculty and staff computers, adding software in Windows 7 may have changed from previous versions of Windows. Now, software distribution is managed centrally to better control the costs of software licenses and to prevent malicious software from being installed. To install software on your McCombs-owned Windows 7 computer, you now go through the Control Panel. Instructions are below.

  1. Click on the*Windows*button in the bottom left of your Windows desktop.*
  2. In the right column, click on*Control Panel*.*
  3. Make sure you are in the Category View.*
  4. In the Programs group, click on*Get Programs*.


  • *# Click on the program to install, and then click the*Install*button.*
    *#Program Download Required*will prompt, click*Download.*
    1. After download you will be prompted*Program Ready to Run*, click*Run'''.
  1. Software will go through install.