Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a Windows utility that removes unnecessary files from your computer, like temporary files, and frees up space. Have you noticed that your computer has gotten a lot slower lately? Try running a disk cleanup to improve speed, along with Defragmenting Your Hard Drive.

How often should I run Disk Cleanup?

Once every 1 - 2 months or when you notice performance issues with your computer (such as slowness). If you run this every 1 - 2 months, Disk Cleanup will usually take 15 minutes or less. If you rarely run it, it may take up to an hour to run.

Running Disk Cleanup

  1. From your Start menu, go to All Programs > Accessories > System Utilities > Disk Cleanup.
  2. The program will begin to automatically scan your computer. (It will not delete anything at this time!)
  3. The Disk Cleanup window will show you suggestions for files to delete or compress. We recommend deleting files from Temporary Internet Files, Temporary files, and your Recycle Bin.
  4. Check any options you want to delete/compress. Uncheck any suggestions you do not want to do at this time.
  5. Click OK to run.