PhD Students at the McCombs School of Business work as both employees and students.

Beginning in fall 2022, PhD students will be automatically given Office 365 mailboxes just as all students and employees with an active University affiliation are. These mailboxes will be configured with the normal student email address in the format: [EID] When you no longer have any active affiliation with the University, you automatically lose access to your mailbox. Please be sure to notify your contacts and back up any contents you need, before you graduate or take a leave of absence.

Reference the link for more detailed information about Office 365 mailboxes for students.

In addition to this, PhD students may also still optionally claim student lifetime email addresses in the format  [firstname].[lastname] Since 2015, these lifetime email address are associated with the students' UTmail accounts.

Personal UTMail Mailboxes

Lifetime student mailboxes are intended as a benefit to all UT students. All current and graduated students are eligible to claim one. They are purely optional, but all students are encouraged to get one. Addresses in the format [firstname].[lastname] are reserved for all PhD students, but they will only work when a student claims a UTmail account, since these addresses need to be attached to a UTmail account. UTmail accounts and associated addresses are lifetime benefits for graduated students. The will only be deleted in cases where a student leaves the university without graduating.

More general information about UTmail and McCombs student email can be found at McCombs Student Email Addresses in UTmail.

Special Considerations for Students Who Are Also Employees


University policy does not permit employees to forward email to non-UT mailboxes. Since PhD students are also employees, they are also bound by this rule.

Students who wish to forward student email from their UTmail account should visit McCombs Student Email Addresses in UTmail (Aliases) for more information.

UT EMPLOYEES USE CAUTION: All university emails and files must be stored in approved, university-managed accounts and storage locations. Do not use a personal account to store university records or conduct university business. All accounts used for university business are subject to open records requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This includes personal accounts that have been converted to business accounts for university business purposes. Review the alternative servicesyou may use an employee, or reach out to Records and Information Management Services (RIMS) for further guidance.

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