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Onboarding Quicklist

  • Upgrade EID

    • You should already have claimed a UT EID when you applied for admissions. You may have also upgraded your UT EID during orientation. If you have not doe so, then, please follow these EID upgrade instructions. An upgraded EID means you have verified your identity and also granted legal signature authority to your EID. An upgraded EID is needed to view grades online, order transcripts, use financial aid, make payments to What I Owe, and access other services that work with sensitive data.
    • If you forgot your EID or need to change its password, please see the EID self help page.
    • For more information about logon accounts that you will use at UT, please see our student Accounts Page.
  • Set up Duo

    • If you have not already installed Duo on your mobile device and configured it for multi-factor authentication, then please follow these Duo setup instructions. If you already set up Duo and just need to add or remove a new mobile device or change your settings, you can go directly to the Duo registration portal.
  • Set up Wi-Fi

    • For Wi-Fi networking on campus, students, faculty, and staff are required to use the utexas Wi-Fi and not utguest, which is only for visitors. Utexas Wi-Fi requires you to log onto the network using your EID; utguest does not. You can follow these Wi-Fi setup instructions to configure your laptop and mobile device to use utexas and forget utguest. If you accidentally use utguest while on campus you will not be able to access some important UT online services, and your connection to the Internet will be much slower.
  • Set up email

    • Update your Office 365 email address
      • You should already have had an Office 365 mailbox automatically created for you prior to new student orientation. It's default email address takes the form [your eid] You have the option to change that from your eid to [something else] To change your address, please visit the Office 365 management page.
      • If you do not want to check email online at Office 365, you can forward this email to another mailbox that you prefer to check. NEED LINK FOR FORWARDING INSTRUCTIONS.
      • This Office 365 mailbox is only available to you as long as you are a current student. It will be deleted when you graduate.
    • Claim a UTmail address
      • UTmail is an optional UT-branded Gmail account. If you would like this, please follow these UTmail sign up instructions.
      • This UTmail account is a lifetime email account. You can keep it after you graduate.
    • Update your official email address
      • UT sends all official email to you at the address that you designate as your official email address address. If you want to change this from what you originally used to apply to UT, then you can change your student records email address on the UTDirect addresses page.
    • For more information about email options available to you, please see our student Email Page.
  • Install software

    • Install Microsoft Office - As long as you are a current student, you have access to the online versions of many Microsoft office applications. If you do  not already have these, we recommend you also download and install those applications on your own laptop. To do that, please follow the instructions on this ITS Office 365 page.
    • Configure Zoom for UT - Zoom is the application officially used for remote and hybrid classes at UT. Even if you already have Zoon installed. you will need to follow the instructions on this ITS Zoom Getting Started Guide to configure your UT Zoom login.
    • If you will be taking a class that requires specialized software, please review our course software pages to see if this software is available for you to install on your own laptop or where you can go to use it.
    • For more information about software options available to you, please see our student Software Page.
  • Configure cloud storage

    • If you want to use cloud storage to specially store and share files and access files shared to you, then UT supports Box and OneDrive for these purposes. We recommend OneDrive due to its integration with other Office applications and Office 365.
    • OneDrive is automatically available to you as part of your UT Office 365 account. You can log into the Office 365 portal at and mange files in OneDrive . Microsoft Office applications can also save to and read from Once Drive directly. The OneDrive web page also provides a link to download the OneDrive app to sync files between your computer and the cloud. To set up synchronization, please follow these instructions from Microsoft.
    • For more information about cloud storage options available to you, please see our student Files & Storage Page.
  • Fund printing

    • At the McCombs School of Business, we use the UT Libraries Printing System for student printing.  This system charges for printing according to the following rates. If you plan to print while on campus, you should add funds to an account to cover your expected printing costs. You can choose to use either Bevo Bucks, which can also be used to pay for many other things, or a Library Print Account if you want to use a separate printing-only account.  Depending on how you want to print, you can configure things in advance using these printing instructions.
  • Review policies

    • When you use university IT resources, you are expected to abide by guidelines and best practices for acceptable use of those resources. Please review those guidelines and best practices in the UT Austin Acceptable Use Policy.
    • If you plan to download and or share movies, music, books, and other media while on the university network, you may also want to review university policy on compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

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