Microsoft Teams is a collaborative platform that allows text chat, video chat and meetings, and collaborative file editing and sharing. It can be used via web (, as a desktop application, or as a mobile app (the Teams web page contains download links for these apps). All current employees and students at UT have access to Teams using their UT Office 365 logon.

At UT, a typical employee's Office 365 logon is simply his or her Office 365 mailbox address. For most McCombs employees this is a address, though a few may have a mailbox address instead.

Some students may also have set up mailboxes on their own or had mailboxes set up for them by their program. In those cases the students also log on with their Office 365 mailbox address. Students that do not have Office 365 mailboxes can log on to Office 365 using their EID in the form of [eid]

Students who have not set up an Office 365 mailbox may not have access to all applications available through Office 365.  Teams is one application that may only work with limited functionality without an Office 365 mailbox. Any current student can set up an Office 365 mailbox by following the instructions at

Some of the more popular features of Teams include. . .

  • Within the Teams application employees and students can be added to one or more teams where they can work and meet with other team members.
  • The Teams app also allows users to to work outside of any existing teams and chat directly with any other Teams user and also set up their own online meetings.
  • The Teams app allows users to invite people outside of UT to online meetings by sending them meeting invites via email. 
  • Meeting attendees can participate via full computer video and audio, just audio, or just via text chat if as they prefer.
  • Attendees can share their computer screens and also work on files together in realtime within the meeting space.
  • Meetings can be recorded, and a history of text chat can be saved for later review.

    A Quick Start PDF guide covering all major features can also be downloaded here

Here are some other links to documentation and training online. . .

To request a team for your own group please submit a request at

If you are a new owner of a team please also visit our Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide for Team Owners.

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