Preferred Equipment for Attending Zoom Classes

Desktop Computer/Laptop

  • The preferred equipment for joining a Zoom class is a computer or laptop with headphones, webcam and microphone capabilities. If your computer does not have speakers, webcam or a microphone please visit Recommended Hardware for suggestions on what to use depending on your needs
  • If you do not have a computer that is suitable for Zoom video conferencing, the Office of the Dean of Students has a form available at Student Emergency Services that allows you to request one for your use:

Zoom App on Smartphone

  • Using a computer with headphones, microphone and webcam capabilities is the preferred method of attending a Zoom class. Joining a meeting with the Zoom phone app will limit your ability to view slides and engage in polling questions. However if necessary here are instructions for installing and signing in to Zoom on your smartphone

Zoom Meeting and Phone Statistics

Meeting statistics allow you to view various diagnostic information during a meeting. This allows you to gauge whether you are experiencing a network, audio, or video issue during your meeting. Please visit this Zoom article for more information: 

Still need help? 

Go to the Student Troubleshooting page first.  If that doesn't help:   

For McCombs studentsplease contact Media Services via email or phone:

For all other UT students, please contact your respective college or school

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