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Masters (Both Thesis and non-Thesis option)

Two courses are required. EDC 380R Educational Research and Design is recommended as one of the two required courses. Additional recommended courses include STM 380. Other courses can be counted with permission of the Graduate Advisor.

Doctoral Sequence

STEP 1 (6 hours)

  • EDC 385R  Introduction to Quantitative Research Design
    Other course choices for this requirement must be approved by the Graduate Advisor
  • AND EDC 386R  Introduction to Qualitative Research; other course choices for this requirement must be approved by the Graduate Advisor.

STEP 2 (6 Hours)

Two Advanced Research Courses—either Quantitative, Qualitative or Mixed-Methods. Other courses may meet this requirement with the consent of the Graduate Advisor.

Advanced Quantitative Research Choices

  • EDC 387R  1-Advanced Quantitative Analysis
  • EDC 387R  2-Statistical Inference
  • EDC 387R  3-Survey Research Methods
  • EDC 387R  4-Mixed Methods Design Based Research
  • EDP 380P  1-Measurement and Evaluation
  • EDP 380P 4-Evaluation Models and Techniques
  • EDP 382K  2-Correlation and Regression Methods
  • EDP 382K  3-Factor Analysis
  • EDP 382K  4-Survey of Multivariate Methods
  • EDP 382K  6-Structural Equation Modeling
  • EDP 384  4-Introduction to Survey Research
  • EDP 384  16-Hierarchical Linear Modeling

Advanced Qualitative Research Choices

  • EDC 388R  1-Narrative and Oral Tradition
  • EDC 388R  2-Discourse Analysis
  • EDC 388R  3-Ethnographic and Qualitative Research methods
  • EDC 388R  4-Postmodern Analytical Methods
  • EDC 388R  5-Life History
  • EDC 388R  6-Naturalistic Inquiry
  • EDC 388R  7-Feminist Participator Action Research
  • EDC 388R  8-Qualitative Research: Mixed-methods Investigation
  • EDC 388R  9-Case Study
  • EDA 381S  Advanced Qualitative Research
  • EDP 382L  5-Psycholinguistics
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