Items for Action

  1. If you are teaching in person, familiarize yourself with what to do if a student is not complying with the face mask requirement.
  2. Follow all syllabus guidance for Fall 2020.

General Resources

Accommodations for Instructors and for Students

Zoom and Panopto

Zoom Security 

  • Stay on top of Zoom updates and the need for multi-factor authentication.
  • Ensure you are using the domain ( for your Zoom calls to take advantage of increased security measures. 
  • Do not publish your Zoom meeting links in public forums such as Twitter. Share your links through more secure means such as email, calendar invites, and closed groups.
  • Review the entire list of Zoom security features for both private and public events, including generating a unique meeting ID, requiring a password, muting video and audio of participants, and enabling waiting rooms. 
  • Anyone using free Zoom accounts (not Zoom at UT) will find Zoom made recent changes. The Waiting Room feature is enabled, and, on all personal meetings, additional password settings are required.

Fall Instruction

The University has created Protect Texas Together, which contains the University’s plans and guidelines about how to mitigate various risks this fall. Planning for contingencies and developing a plan to deliver courses requires knowing which classes students are registering for. Students can find information about registration processes at Texas One Stop

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