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WORQS serves as Facilities Services’ support unit for the Work Order Request and Query System (WORQS) application. WORQS is our web-based tool for university employees to submit, view, and track the progress of work orders and projects. This is also Facilities Services’ billing system where clients can view detailed cost statements and billing histories.

For assistance contact the Facilities Service Center or at 512-471-2020 

About WORQS 

WORQS is your one-stop shop for requesting and tracking facilities-related work. This is your resource to submit a maintenance request for service, request an installation or renovation, or plan an event.  

New Improved Features starting 7/10/2017

WORQS has been redesigned! All forms are streamlined, making them easier and faster to complete—with fewer fields--and are accompanied by information that clearly explains service options. For example, there is a single form for CRIB requests rather than separate forms for an estimate or performance request. Another enhancement is that WORQS is now mobile device-friendly!

Helpful tips:

  • Remember to use the TAB key to move through the forms. The ENTER key submits your form for processing.
  • Ability to jump ahead on lengthy picklists: Type the first letter of the item you are searching for to jump to that part of the list.
  • Additional account numbers may be added in the text box provided under the Account Number information section. Spending breakdown by account number may also be entered here.
  • Only one attachment is allowed on the WORQS request.  Please feel free to send additional photos or documents by doing the following:
    1. When requestor receives confirmation of the request via email, requestor may reply with additional attachments as necessary.
    2. Upload photos into a Box account and include the link in the Request Information field.
  • An alternative way to view FAMIS attachments from WORQS:        

    1. Copy the URL from FAMIS
    2. Paste it into the address bar of your browser
    3. Replace uppercase “APPS/CPFM/WORQS/REQUESTS” with lowercase “apps/cpfm/worqs/requests”
    4. Hit Enter

             The modified URL would look like: 

             The URL will resolve to the following format and the attachment will display: 

  • Email Notifications:
    1. WORQS will send a notification to the requestor with the Service Request (SR) number and links to see the details of the request. This applies to Report an Issue and submit a CRIB Estimate Request.
    2. Request a Service and Submit a CRIB Performance Request require account numbers. WORQS will send notifications to the account approver the user selected in the request. WORQS will send the requestor a notification once the requestor approves or rejects the request.

Approval Routing

Service or CRIB Performance Request approvals are now tied to DEFINE authorized account signers:

1)  User enters an account number on the request.

2)  All approvers for that account number are displayed in the Select Account Signer pull-down list.

3)  Optional: User may select an approver to receive email notification to approve the request:

a)  The notified approver will receive an email with a link to the request details in WORQS.

b)  Clicking the link takes the notified approver to a WORQS form where approver will be prompted to approve or reject the request.

4)  Please note that ANY approver can approve or reject requests for their accounts on the WORQS Approvals page, regardless of whether they were sent an email notification.

5)  Approver comments are optional for approved requests, but required for rejected requests.



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