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Meeting Owl

Meeting OwlMeeting Owl USB Cable

HDMI Adaptor Ring

Conference Phone

The conference phone can make and receive on campus and off campus calls.

Making 3 way calls

  • Establish the call with the first number
  • Press the Conference soft key (located at the bottom of the phone screen)
  • Call the third party
  • Press the Conference soft key again to bring first caller back in

Teleconferences with more than three numbers

Make a reservation for the Meet Me Conference Call Bridge service

ASE 1.126 Classroom Microphones

The ASE 1.126 classroom also has a lavalier lapel and handheld microphones.

  • The mics are stored in the top of the AV cabinet to the left of the podium.
  • Adjust mic volume using Mic button on the control toolbar

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