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Introduction to Mt. Locke Computing

Computer Accounts for Mount Locke Visitors

Observers and visitors are assigned computer accounts based on the instrument and telescope being used. For new visitors we will build a new account on these machines only, and assign a temporary password which may be obtained upon arrival. Once on site you must change the password as soon as possible. We cannot transmit the password to you by insecure means.  The account name will typically be the same as your Austin astro account unless you specify differently in your rfs. For other visitors we will use your email user name from your rfs form, unless advised otherwise, if it does not conflict with an existing account.  If you are bringing your own computer/laptop there is DHCP access in each dome and at the Astronomer's Lodge. There also is wireless access in some parts of the Lodge including the dining room. If you find you have problems or need assistance with your account, please notify Observing Support Computing staff for resolution of the problem.

Observing Support Manuals

Printers at the Observatory

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