All admitted doctoral degree students are given full financial support as teaching assistants, graduate research assistants, or through one of many university or external fellowships. The minimum salary for graduate student employees in BME is set each academic year by the Graduate Studies Committee Executive Committee. The minimum annual salary for the 2021-22 academic year is $27,591.

Financial support benefits include a competitive salary or fellowship stipend, paid tuition and fees, and health insurance coverage (or funds to purchase health insurance) for the duration of the student’s degree program. Financial support is contingent upon satisfactory progress toward the PhD degree as determined by the student’s supervisor, the Graduate Advisor, the Graduate Studies Committee, and the Graduate School. Students admitted to the MSE program are eligible for, but not guaranteed, financial support. 

Incoming PhD students are nominated for institutional fellowships. At this time, there are no institutional fellowships at the Cockrell School or Graduate School level to which students apply independently. Other funding opportunities that do require student applications are the Imaging Science and Informatics Portfolio Program and Fellowship and the Biomedical Big Data Training Grant through the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences

Students should refer to their financial offers for official details. The Graduate Coordinator can answer questions related to funding and fellowships. 

Visit the Tax Considerations for Graduate Students page for tax information. Texas Global offers tax assistance for international graduate students

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