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Check your Registration Information Sheet for access times. If you have a registration bar and are not sure how to clear it, contact the Graduate Administrator.

Visit the Registrar's site to view the course schedule and register.

It is each student's responsibility to register and confirm registration by the appropriate deadline each semester. Find deadlines on the Registrar's website and the Graduate School's Key Dates page.

Learn about how to use the new Tuition Bill page.

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Graduate Seminar in Biomedical Engineering

All students are required to register for the Graduate Seminar in Biomedical Engineering (BME 197S) for 2 semesters, presumably the first 2 semesters in the program. If a student is registered for three traditional courses for a total of 9 hours before adding that Graduate Seminar, do not add the Graduate Seminar (for a total of 10 hours) but still attend. A sign-in sheet is available at all in-person seminars and first- through third-year students should sign in. 

Course Loads

Full-time registration for graduate students is 9 hours in fall, 9 hours in spring, and 3 hours in summer. If you plan to register for more than 9 hours in fall or spring or 3 hours in summer, consult with your faculty advisor to see if they are able and willing to cover the difference between 9 hours and the amount for which you plan to register. Register during your first access period to avoid any delay in the processing of your first paycheck for your assignment as a TA or GRA, or to prevent delays in delivery of fellowships. 

Continuous Registration

In candidacy and wondering what to register for? Students admitted to candidacy are required to maintain continuous enrollment in dissertation hours. See the Advancing to Candidacy page for details. 

Employment Waivers

GRAs and TAs must request an employment tuition waiver each semester to waive the non-resident portion of tuition. Texas residents are not billed for non-resident tuition and do not need to request a waiver. 

Students on fellowships that include a tuition waiver will have waiver placed automatically. If you are not a 20-hour TA or GRA, do not request an employment tuition waiver. 

International Health Insurance Waivers

The UT Board of Regents requires that all international students on F-1 and J-1 visas be covered by health insurance. Therefore, international students receive automatic charges for health insurance on their tuition bills each semester. Students may request an insurance waiver if they will be covered by an alternative insurance policy that meets the basic requirements of the UT Health Insurance Plan. 

Students with a 20-hour GRA or TA assignment receive employee health insurance and should apply for a waiver of international health insurance fees. Waivers must be submitted twice per year; once for the fall semester, and once for the spring and summer semesters. 

International Student Fees

International students will see additional fees on their tuition bills. These fees are required each semester and must be paid by the student directly. 

Confirming Attendance

Once you register and complete all waivers, check your tuition bill. You will likely still have a balance if your advisor (GRA), the department (TAs) or the Graduate School or Cockrell School (Fellows) have not processed tuition payments yet.

If your balance is zero, you must confirm registration to secure your courses, otherwise, your registration will be canceled. If you still have a balance to resolve, you must return to your tuition bill by the appropriate deadline to confirm registration. If your registration is canceled, you will be responsible to pay a late registration fee to re-register. 

Changing Registration

Students may add/drop online through the 4th class day of each semester.

Between the 5th and 12th class days each semester, students may have their registration changed in the department in which the course is scheduled. For example, to add/drop a BME course, contact the BME Graduate Administrator. To add/drop a course in another department, contact the Graduate Coordinator in that department. Be sure to include your EID and unique numbers in all correspondence.

After the 12th class day, dropping a course is subject to the Q and Q/F drop policies. Contact the BME Graduate Administrator if you need to change registration after the 12th class day.

Each semester, the Graduate School publishes deadlines to change course grading to/from a letter grade or CR/NC. 

The Graduate School allows students who enter candidacy mid-semester to change registration from research problems to dissertation hours. Deadlines are provided online.

Common Questions

Q: Why do I have a balance on my tuition bill? 

A: You may not have completed a non-resident tuition waiver (TA or GRA), or the waiver hasn't been placed for you yet (fellows). GRAs and TAs can complete the waiver here.

A: If you are an international student, you may not have completed your insurance waiver. Do so here

A: Your tuition hasn't been paid by your advisor, the department, or your fellowship source. See the next question. 

Q: When will my tuition bill be paid? 

A: If you are a GRA, your resident tuition will be paid by your advisor's research administrator. Some payments may not be processed until the week before the tuition bill deadline. Contact your research administrator with questions. 

A: If you are a TA, your resident tuition will be paid by a tuition reduction benefit from the Graduate School. Some payments may not be processed until the week before the tuition bill deadline. Contact the Graduate Coordinator with questions. 

A: If you are a fellow, your resident tuition may be paid by your fellowship source. The Graduate School and Cockrell School process payments for students with full fellowships. If you have an external fellowship, you may or may not be responsible for receiving funds and paying your own tuition bill. Contact the Graduate Coordinator with questions. 

Note: Tuition payments are frequently processed just days before the deadline. Please be mindful of this and kind to staff. We are all working very diligently to ensure your tuition bill is paid on time! 

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