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This page explains registration procedures for Rising 5th Years who have been admitted to the BSBME/MSE Integrated Program through the Step 1 application process and are registering for their first semester in graduate standing.


Run your BSBME IDA: Make sure your IDA lists 92-99% with in-progress courses. Email Chase ( with any corrections that need to be made.

Review MSE Degree Requirements & download MSE Program of Work attached to this page.

9 hours (3 classes) is considered full time. Make a plan for which 3 graduate courses you wish to take in fall, being careful to check how they will count in your MSE Program of Work. The Fall Course Schedule is posted two weeks before registration begins. The approved coursework listing shows how graduate courses count toward the MSE program of work. This list is not exhaustive. If you want to take a course that is not listed, email Dr. Andrew Dunn ( for permission to take the course. 


Email Brittain ( & Lacy ( your completed program of work, including completed graduate courses and proposed courses for the following semester. Brittain will sign your PoW electronically on behalf of Dr. Dunn and send the unique numbers for your Fall graduate courses to ESS to obtain approval for you to register for the them.

Your advising bar will not be lifted until your Program of Work form is received.


Once ESS approves your registration for the unique numbers, you should be able to register yourself.

Non-BME Graduate Classes: If we do not have authorization to add you, you can send an email to the Graduate Coordinator (GC) in the department for the class, who can let you know if the department has the course restricted through the first week of classes or whether you need to gain instructor approval to be added to the course. Use the list of all GCs on campus to locate the appropriate person to email. Copy Brittain on these emails.

To register for BME 698A or 698B Thesis courses: complete the Thesis Registration Form (attached here) and send it to Lacy will add you to the Thesis course manually. 

Note: since you will be taking these courses while in graduate standing, you do not need to complete forms to reserve these courses for graduate credit. 

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