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Each semester students should check their Registration Information Sheet (RIS) to find their registration access times and clear any bars to registration.  Examples of bars include financial bar for a medical or parking bill, emergency contact update bar, immunization or transcript required bar. 

To remove your advising bar, plan to meet with a faculty member during the advising period.  If you do not have a research supervisor, an Area advisor can meet with you.  During the meeting the faculty member will assess your progress toward degree, and approve the courses you plan to take in the upcoming semester.  To prepare for the meeting, please download and fill out the PhD or MSE advising PDF .

Before submitting to box, please include your EID in the file name of your advising form.  Upload to
CE-EWRE MSE Assessment and Advising Form Spring 21.pdfCE PhD Assessment and Advising Form Spring 21.pdf

Course Schedule:

Please note the course section of the Advising form can be pasted in from your course history or summary, or the course schedule.  The format of this section is not as important as including the information so the faculty member can quickly see which classes you have already taken, and plan to take in the next semester.  

The faculty member will provide their electronic signature and then the student can email or upload the form to the CAEE Graduate Advising box file (instructions for submission are located at the top of the advising PDF). 

The submission of the advising form will signal the Graduate Coordinator (Kathy McWilliams) to remove your bar to registration in the mainframe.  During peak advising weeks, bars will be removed in batches throughout the day.  If you believe your bar should have been cleared but you are still unable to register, please contact Kathy McWilliams (

Register Early:  Students are advised to register in the early registration period (see Course Schedule for specific dates). In particular students who will be employed as a TA or GRA, who will receive a fellowship payment, or who live in university housing, are required to be registered in order to maintain status, receive payments, or finalize employment.

Students who plan to take a course outside CAEE may need to contact the instructor of the course via email to get permission to add (if the course is restricted).  The CAEE graduate coordinator can only add or drop courses in the CE classes. This page includes the contact list for all Graduate Coordinators at the university:

Students who have been advised to take an undergraduate course in CE: due to the limited seats in some courses, Graduate Students may need to wait until the first day of class to add.  In some cases seats will not be available.  Please contact the instructor and the Graduate Coordinator to determine if it will be possible to add the undergraduate course.

Students can add/drop themselves through the 4th class day of the semester.  If you need to make a change to classes after that, the graduate coordinators can make changes through the 12th class day.  Additional changes would need to be petitioned: please contact Kathy McWilliams regarding all petitions. 

More at:
My Tuition Bill:
To verify your payment was received, go to your My Tuition Bill page. When your payment is posted, there will be a message on My Tuition Bill stating that “Your registration is complete and your courses are secure.” If your tuition is paid with financial aid, you may still see a balance owed until financial aid is disbursed.

Don’t forget to confirm your attendance!  Your registration is not complete until you click on the "confirm" button.

The payment deadline is shown on your My Tuition Bill page. Payment is due before 5 p.m. of the day of the listed deadline, or your registration will be canceled.

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