for iphones and ipads:

  1. go to Settings
  2. go to Mail
  3. slide down to Accounts
  4. click on your Exchange account
  5. go all the way to the bottom and click Delete Account
  6. Delete from my iPhone
  7. Add Account
  8. Microsoft Exchange
  9. give the account a name
  10. click Next
  11. Sign In
  12. enter EID and EID password
  13. Duo Authenticate
  14. switch back from Duo to Settings
  15. slide the bars to the right for all the services you want to use so that they turn green
  16. it will ask about other contacts on your iphone. choose Keep on my iPhone
  17. click the back arrow on the top left where it says <==Mail
  18. scroll down to verify the settings on the Mail screen
  19. scrolling down, be sure to set the Default Account back to Exchange if you want Exchange to be the account you always want to send emails from with regularity. It will be the only choice if you only have Exchange/Outlook set up on your iphone/iPad.
  20. click the <==Mail again back to Settings
  21. for each service, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, etc, set the Default account to use
  22. you should be ready to go

for Apple Mail on macOS

  1. go to Apple Menu and slide down to select System Preferences
  2. go to Internet Accounts
  3. click on the Exchange account that shows your address
  4. in the lower left corner there is a + or - sign. click the - sign.
  5. wait for it to delete. 
  6. reverse the process. If you see Microsoft Exchange, click that and go through the process of adding your email address back
  7. choose sign in. do not do a Manual sign in
  8. authenticate with EID and EID password
  9. authenticate with Duo Mobile
  10. select all services you want to synchronize again. Mail, Calendars, Contacts, Reminders. sliding the slide the slide bar over to the right so they show green
  11. your mail should begin to start synching again.

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